Community Access

Getting back into the community is an important part of recovery. Vocational service programs help people who want to return to work, school or be a volunteer.

Vocational counselors can help you make good choices about short and long term goals in respect to productive activity. You may be able to return to your same activities as usual or on a limited basis, or you may have some problems due to your injury.

If you are having problems with return to work/school, a counselor can help you decide what kinds of activities you would like to do instead. Returning to productive activity is a gradual process, much like recovery.

Return to Productive Activity Issues

(Certain problems may or may not apply to you due to the type of injury that you have.)


  • strength/movement
  • coordination
  • bowel & bladder issues (remaining dry)
  • spasms (pain)
  • breathing issues
  • fatigue
  • vision changes                                                                               


  • memory and judgment
  • attention span/thinking
  • delayed thinking
  • problems with planning
  • problems with managing time


  • behavior deficits (lack of awareness, problems with emotions and poor ability to plan)
  • behavior excesses (anger, rudeness, impulsive actions and poor control over emotions

If you do go back to work, school or volunteering, you may need to start on a part-time basis and slowly increase your hours as you become stronger. It may be hard for you to do things as fast as before your injury and you may need more time to finish things. Your counselor will help you understand how these changes may affect you at work or school and help you use new ways to deal with the changes.