Welcome to Shepherd Center's Patient Portal

This electronic notebook is managed by the user and provides a “one-stop shop” to organize injury information. Patients are introduced to the portal during their inpatient or day program stay. It facilitates active self-management of care and a more seamless transition to community-based providers. The portal also includes important community resources and discharge documents from Shepherd Center.

Current Portal Users

For information about the portal:

Patient Portal Features

  • Profile

    This is information about you. You can update or change any of this information.

  • Allergies & Medications

    The place to keep information up-to-date as your medications or allergies change over time. You can add new medications and edit or discontinue a Medication entry.

  • Resources

    Community and educational resources set up by the Shepherd staff for all of our patients.

  • Equipment & Supplies

    The place to keep information up-to-date about the equipment and supplies that you use. You can add new equipment/supplies and edit or discontinue an existing entry.

  • Documents & Education

    You can upload documents and links that are important to YOU. Your Discharge Instructions and Summaries will load automatically when you discharge from Shepherd Center.

  • Caregivers

    As the owner of your Portal, you can invite others to your Portal and determine what they can see and modify. You might want to invite your spouse, parents, children, friends, personal care assistants, physicians, therapists, etc.